Because of economic uncertainty, organizations made tough decisions in 2020. Marketing departments were caught in the crunch. If you are a marketing leader, who downsized your team to remain resilient, business recovery may mean filling gaps with a marketing consultant to continue to maintain low overhead.

Contracting a Consultant “Looks” Different

Pre-Covid-19, you wouldn’t think twice about meeting me at your local Starbucks or your office. Today, you may be reluctant to meet at a coffee shop or your workspace. In fact, many leadership teams may ask employees to avoid bringing non-employees into the workspace. There’s always zoom—but interviewing via screens feels awkward: making natural eye contact is difficult, reading body language is impossible and backgrounds are distracting.

Choose a Trusted Marketing Consultant

I am a one-woman marketing consultancy in business for 14 years—and counting. If I’ve worked for you before, nothing has changed. I still:

Ensure my work product meets your expectations.

Ensure my work product achieves your goals.

Hit your deadlines.

Send weekly status emails to keep you up to date every step of the way—no surprises.

Ramp up quickly.

Am professional, respectful and responsive to you and your colleagues.

Respect your time and use up as little of it as possible.

Deliver extra value.

If you haven’t worked with me in the past 14 years—or when I was in the corporate world—maybe you know someone in your network who has worked with me. You can speak with them about my work ethic.

Some Considerations

We don’t know how long the coronavirus will impact our lives. You may not know if you need a marketing consultant for a one-off, short-term project or ongoing projects. As you consider who to hire, you may want to consider the following.

Does the person have years of experience working from home (WFH) or months of experience? If they’ve had years of experience WFM—and they have provided marketing services for numerous clients—then you can rest assure that they are motivated and productive in the WFH environment. [I like stats: I am self-employed for 14 years. 71 unique clients. 30 long-term clients (shortest gig 2 years; longest gig 13 years). 30 ‘repeat’ gigs—client hired me, changed jobs, hired me again. An interesting stat—Of 71 unique clients, 10 I never met in person—they are/were located in Toronto, Vancouver or the US.]

Do they have a dedicated office in their home? Infers a long-term business. [Irene: Yes]

Do they have their own laptop, printer, Zoom/Google Meeting/Microsoft Team account? Indicates self-sufficiency. [Irene: Yes]

Do they regularly back up their laptop? Indicates responsibility. [Irene: Yes—every Friday.]

Are they a generalist or a specialist? You can leverage the generalist’s skills sets for multiple projects; for example, strategy development, tactical implementation, content writing, briefing/managing creatives, webinars and project management—versus events only. [Irene: Generalist.]

The Extra Insight

A final consideration. Your time. Your time is valuable. Every time you hire a marketing consultant, you invest your time in them. You invest time to transfer knowledge to them about your products, your services, your target customers, the industry and your company’s processes. Consider your investment when you choose a marketing consultant—I am self-employed by choice; I am not a freelancer who is taking a contract while looking for a full-time job. As a self-employed marketing professional, I’ll be available to help you today, tomorrow and down the road. I will ensure you benefit from your investment in me.

Need help with your marketing project?

I am always interested in working with established clients and new clients. My proven track record and 20+ years of experience serve as shorthand to help a broad base of clients who have a diversity of business goals and target audiences.

Please contact me to arrange a meeting at your convenience. 613.769.7054 or