Target Insight is committed to protecting your privacy and will use your personal information responsibly. Please read below for detailed information about this website’s privacy policy.

Information Collection and Use
Target Insight is the owner of all information collected at this site. Target insight will not share or rent this personal information with or to anyone else in any way that is different from what is disclosed to you in this policy.

Children and privacy
Target Insight does not market its services to children; therefore, this company does not knowingly solicit children under the age of 13 to visit this web site.

Sharing personal information
Target Insight will not share any personal information with any person outside of this company.

Changes in Privacy Policy
Target Insight will post any changes to its privacy policy on this website when policy changes. However, your consent to provision of information under the current policy will be assumed to constitute consent to any new policy. By your continued use of this website, Target Insight will make the assumption that you have consented to providing personal information under this privacy policy.

Contacting us
Please contact regarding any questions with respect to Target Insight’s privacy practices, this privacy policy, or the use of your personal information.