Short-form Video for Marketing Professionals

Short-form Video for Marketing Professionals

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HubSpot puts out great content. Below is “short form” excerpts from HubSpot’s 6 Short-form Video Trends Online Marketers Should Watch in 2022 by Martina Bretous. You’ll find a link to the full article at the end of this message.

What are short-form videos? Bretous defines short-form video as a video up to two-and-half minutes in length.

Why are we talking about short-form videos? “Short-form video has the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy as 30% of social media marketers plan to invest in it more than any other trend in 2022.” Furthermore, “A 2020 study by Wyzowl reported that people share videos at twice the rate than any other form of content.”

Here are Bretous’ short-form video trends for 2022.

#1. Brand challenges. “Brand challenges are a great way to gain a burst of traffic, build community and engage your audience.”

#2. Influencer ads.

#3. Product teasers.

#4. More user-generated content.

#5. More behind-the-brand videos. “Consumers seek authenticity and transparency in brands … consumers tend to feel more connected to brands that show the people behind the brand.

#6. More explainer or educational videos.

The article also provides videos examples of each point, so read the complete HubSpot article. Here’s the link: 6 Short-form Video Trends Online Marketers Should Watch in 2022.

The Extra Insight(s):

  • Choose platforms that resonate with your target audiences. In other words, if your B2B audience isn’t on Facebook, your brand shouldn’t be either.
  • Platform defines video length. You can use both long-form and short-form video on YouTube.


Note: The source of all quotes is the article, 6 Short-form Video Trends Online Marketers Should Watch in 2022.

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