Marketing Trends / Predictions for 2022

Marketing Trends / Predictions for 2022

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Around this time each year, I read articles about marketing trends. The one that resonated the most with me this year is Forbes’ 7 Marketing Predictions For 2022 contributed by Henry DeVries.

Here are DeVries’ 7 marketing predictions.

#1. People will buy brands, not products.

#2. B2B digital advertising will never look the same.Marketers must reimagine everything from the products they use to how they reach their audiences to what campaign success means. This is unchartered territory. the brands that win–that really redefine the future of B2B digital advertising–are the ones that are nimble and quick to test and iterate; they are the ones who never look back and flow forward…”

#3. Marketers will look to boards of consumers to make critical decisions.

#4. Increased sensitivity to marketing. “The sensitivity of marketing will reach an all-time high, with campaigns being more attuned to diversity and inclusion.”

#5. Marketing to toughen. “Marketing is getting harder, and there’s no end in sight.”

#6. Attention to be rarest commodity. “Whether it’s on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, podcasting, or traditional media, the competition for ears, minds, and eyeballs grows ever more intense.”

#7. Trend to teach, not sell.

You’ve got to read the complete Forbes article, here’s the link: 7 Marketing Predictions For 2022.

The Extra Insight: Learning is lifelong. Keep learning in 2022.


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