Prepare Now to be Current in 2020

Prepare Now to be Current in 2020

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Around this time of year, marketing professionals start planning their strategies for next year. Most of us think about the big picture; however, there are details that need to be on some on someone’s checklist, whether that is the marketing co-ordinator for the department or the marketer who wears all hats in the small business.

Here’s a checklist for those little details.

❶ Check the currency of your About Us web page.

❷ Check the date your company was found. In 2020, will you be celebrating a 5-year or 10-year anniversary?

❸ Do you have a Corporate Overview PDF brochure? Check the currency.

❹ Do you have a Corporate Overview Presentation? Check the currency.

❺ Do you have a Corporate template for presentations? Make sure you switch the copyright year to 2020.

❻ Do you have a digital price list? Make sure you update it for 2020 pricing.

❼ When was the last time you had all content experts check “their” content on the website. Now is a good time to do a complete review for currency.

❽ Do you have an events page? Consider the events you plan to attend in 2020 and update then update the events page.

❾ Craft the “Season’s Greetings” blog article so that you’re ready to publish it in December.

❿ On January 1, check to be sure the copyright date on the footer of your website flipped to January 1, 2020

The Extra Insight: It’s always great to have a “Happy New Year” blog to publish on the first day of a new year. This year especially. So craft your “Happy New Year” blog article now so that it’s ready to publish on January 1, 2020.


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