TalkWalker Tips for Marketing Professionals

TalkWalker Tips for Marketing Professionals

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TalkWalker is a free tool that searches the internet and social networks for content that is of interest to you in your role as a marketing professional. It’s easy to set up and you receive an email—in the frequency you choose—when content is published. Here’s how you can use TalkWalker to your advantage.

Gather competitive intelligence

Gather customer intelligence

❸ Gather industry/market intelligence

❹ Track online reputations—whether your reputation or your company’s reputation

❺ Lead generation

❻ Build knowledge

❼ Find your next dream job

Get started today!

Go to to set up an account. Click “Create Alert.” Input data to fields. Wait for an email confirmation. Create more alerts. Sit back and wait for content to be returned to you via an email alert.

The Extra Insight: The same search tricks that work for google work TalkWalker searches. For example, use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase: “account based marketing tips.” Get more tips at


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