[video] YOU ASKED: “I want to say ‘Season’s Greetings’ to my customers. Any ideas?”

[video] YOU ASKED: “I want to say ‘Season’s Greetings’ to my customers. Any ideas?”

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My clients often ask me to propose ways to wish their customers a happy holiday season. My recommendations depend upon budget, if we have plenty of time to plan and implement, or if the holidays are right around the corner! If you’re wondering about ways to say ‘Season’s Greetings,’ here are some ideas.


Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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Ways to Wish Your Customers Greetings of the Season

  • Mail personalized “season’s greeting” cards in December. Pro: Your customers know that you value them because you took time to personalize a greeting. Use recycled paper!
  • Mail personalized “happy new year” cards in January.
  • Drop off or courier a gift. Pro: A gift is something they’ll remember. Con: $.
  • Email a personalized text greeting. Tip: If you’re going to do this, make sure you send personal greetings. Don’t do a one-shot email blast.
  • Email a postcard greeting. I’ve seen companies do this really well. Pro: It’s a simple picture with a greeting on it, and this can be done as an email blast. Con: Spam filers and image filters.
  • Host a themed after-work at-work party. I went to a New Orleans-themed get-together a couple of years ago, and it was a blast! Pro: Memorable. Con: $ and time.
  • Host a customer appreciation evening. I have a client that does this every year for 20-25 key clients. They choose a unique venue and treat their clients to a one-of-a-kind evening. Pro: Good will, face2face time. Con: $$ and time.
  • Make a donation to a worthy cause. A company can never go wrong with this approach.

The Extra Insight: A dynamic electronic greeting! Memorable. Current. Let them know via email, your website, your e-newsletter, your blog—or all four!


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