[video] Top 7 proofreading tips for marketing professionals

[video] Top 7 proofreading tips for marketing professionals

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Back in the 80s, before the digital age, we printed thousands and thousands of brochures—mailing them to prospects; toting them to tradeshows. Today, it’s pretty easy to correct a typo on a digital brochure; not so in the 80s. I recall signing my name on final brochure artwork only to receive thousands of printed pieces peppered with errors. Recalling that there was just a couple of corrections to the final artwork, I asked the creative agency how this could have happened. Their file was corrupt, so they had to re-produce the entire brochure, which they then sent to me to approve. It was my responsibility because I just looked for the couple of corrections that I had expected. [Hard] lesson learned.

The message in this story is to always re-read final content—from top to bottom—before you approve it (and be thankful you’re now working in the digital age).

Here are proofreading tips for marketing professionals.



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