How Can Marketers Get the Most Out of LinkedIn?

How Can Marketers Get the Most Out of LinkedIn?

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A survey, Social Media’s Role in Decision Making by Business Professionals by The Society for New Communications Research (SNCR), found that 92% of B2B professionals use LinkedIn. Here are 5 tactics you, as a marketing professional, can use to get the most out of this powerful social media network.

  1. Expand your network. Every time you make a new acquaintance, invite him/her to join your network. Every time you login, you’re prompted with possible contacts. Scan and invite those you know to join your network. Could be a current colleague, a past colleague, a customer, a prospective customer, a partner, a member of the press, a blogger…This list could go on and on and on.
  2. Update your LinkedIn status field regularly. Your network of linked contacts receives a weekly email notification highlighting activity within their network—so your status may be seen by linked colleagues. When your network logs into their account, each is served their LinkedIn home page, so your status may be seen by linked colleagues. This increases your profile, so leverage your visibility with relevant content. Promote a white paper. Promote your current blog post or your company’s. Promote a webinar. Offer a book title that you found valuable.
  3. Join LinkedIn groups. Join groups that your prospects and customers join. Join groups that interest you. Participate. Read discussion topics. Add relevant comments. Initiate discussions that are on theme. Add your voice to the conversation and be recognized as a thought leader.
  4. Answer questions. This is a great way to build your reputation as a thought leader. To build awareness for your company, be sure to include your name, company name, and company website or blog at the end of your response.
  5. Start a LinkedIn group. Once the group takes off, step back and moderate as needed. When conversations are quiet, stimulate discussion by adding relevant and on-theme content.

The Extra Insight: Prospect and research. Use LinkedIn to prospect for new customers, research the companies, and identify possible decision makers and influencers. (Your competitors are doing this. The companies trying to sell their products and services to you are doing this.)



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