What customer experiences do I deliver that make me a unique marketing communications consultant?

What customer experiences do I deliver that make me a unique marketing communications consultant?

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All of my clients are focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences. If my clients don’t deliver the appropriate experience, they know there are plenty of others who will, so my clients work hard to stay ahead of the curve—and ahead of their competition.

Consultants know the same is true. The services that I offer are no different than the services a plethora of other consultants, virtual agencies and bricks-and-mortar agencies provide. Most—like me—have years of experience under their belts. In my case, though, I have some natural abilities that I lever to differentiate myself and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  1. Problem-solver: As consultant, I come to a new gig without luggage. With open mind. I often think of a new gig as a new puzzle. And I like puzzles. And, I like to think, I’m pretty good at puzzles. It intrigues me to see each of the puzzle pieces all spread out and then collaborate with the client to put a picture together that will achieve their goals and objectives.
  2. Idea-maker: Having had the pleasure of working for B2B and B2C organizations, public and private organizations, small to large organizations, and organizations in a variety of industries, I’ve experienced a lot. I draw on those varied experiences to recommend strategies and tactics that will target a specific target audience and achieve specific goals and objectives. The flip side is I can also see what won’t work.
  3. Organizer: This is probably the #1 attribute that clients think of when they think of Irene Crosby, marketing communications consultant. Organizing comes naturally to me (probably why I’m good at puzzles). For me, this is an authentic, innate, driving skill that has served me well as a consultant—especially when managing the needs of multiple clients concurrently.
  4. Clarity-driver: Have you noticed how lack of clarity wastes time? Lack of clarity takes many forms. There’s the forwarded email with no content that leaves you to guess the sender’s intention. FYI only? Opine this? Recommend a solution? Do this? Lack of clarity is inefficient. People head off in the wrong direction. People waste time. I strive to be clear. I strive to clearly state who is responsible for what. I strive to clearly state when something is due. And, if there is a long email thread, I strive to clearly summarize the key points of the thread. Why? To be courteous of other’s time.
  5. Anticipater: Not a word. But the inflection is there. I anticipate the needs of my clients. If I am meeting to talk about something, I think in advance what else may come up in the conversation and prepare to have that information on hand. Maybe clairvoyant is a better descriptor 😉
  6. Trust-builder: I set expectations. I manage expectations. If I say I’ll deliver on June 26, I deliver on June 26. Because I’m organized, clear and anticipate what’s next, I can relentlessly pursue achieving realistic dates. I am reliable.

The Extra Insight: This is my brand reputation. Have you thought about yours?



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