How do you make content travel?

How do you make content travel?

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A solid content strategy helps your organization get found by potential buyers. And, expressed by Inc Magazine, this is important: “Consumers want to discover digital content on their own and are skeptical of brands pushing online ads through interruptive channels.” So, as a marketer, how can you make your content travel organically?

5 approaches to making content travel

  1. Know the most-pressing challenges your target audiences face.
  2. Craft content that is relevant (e.g. speaks to their challenges) and timely.
  3. Make sure the content medium is one that your target audience consumes; e,g, videos, infographics, ebooks, white paper. etc.
  4. Publish content on your blog. Pepper with search terms that buyers use when looking for solutions to their challenges. And, use the “share” feature on each blog article so readers can organically share your blog posts.
  5. Share your blog articles through your LinkedIn account and Twitter account.

The Extra Insight: You’ll find this article by Inc Magazine thought provoking and worth your time to read. Compelling Case for Content Marketing:



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