10 Tactics to engage customers in 2017

10 Tactics to engage customers in 2017

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It’s a new year with a fresh slate. While you need to engage new prospects to grow your business, you shouldn’t ignore your highly valuable existing customers. Here are 10 ways you can engage your customers in twenty-seventeen.

Here’s a transcript of this video (for SEO purposes!)

  1. Did your customer recently receive good news? For example, did they win an award? Recognize their achievement by sending them a personal email, share the news via LinkedIn or sending them a hand-written message via mail.
  2. Offer a complimentary subscription to your regular value-based newsletter (be sure that your business complies with anti-spam legislation).
  3. Send a link to your company’s blog or a relevant industry blog.
  4. Did you come across a conference that is right up you customer’s alley? Share the link.
  5. Develop and host a webinar or in-person seminar brimming with content that is relevant to the existing customers (example: roadmap, industry trends, results of an industry survey).
  6. Send your customer a complimentary white paper (yours or that of a trusted thought leader).
  7. Read a good article in Harvard Business Review or Strategy+Business or other reputable media? Share the link.
  8. Read a great analyst report? License copies to send to customers.
  9. Will your company be at a tradeshow in their region? Send your customer a complimentary day pass. Invite them for dinner. Or lunch. Or coffee.
  10. Establish a LinkedIn group and invite them to join, share and learn Know of a good LinkedIn group they should join? Share the link.

The Extra Insight: Use these same tactics as part of your targeted account strategy to engage new customers.

Before you implement any of these engaging ideas, ensure the tactic offers something that is VALUABLE and RELEVANT to the target audience.

I wish you continued business and personal success throughout 2017.



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