10 Ways to wish your customers a happy holiday

10 Ways to wish your customers a happy holiday

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Sending a seasonal greeting lets your customers know that they are valued by your organization. With just 6 weeks to go until Christmas, now is the time to plan and implement your Season’s Greetings program.

If you’ve been thinking of implementing your first-ever Season’s Greetings program—or thinking of changing up your tried-and-true program—here are some ideas to consider to wish your customers a happy holiday.

10 Ways to Wish Your Customers a Happy Holiday

  1. Mail personalized “season’s greeting” cards in December. Pro: Your customers know that you value them because you took time to personalize a greeting. Use recycled paper!
  2. Mail personalized “happy new year” cards in January.
  3. Drop off or courier a gift. Pro: A gift is something they’ll remember. Con: $.
  4. Email a personalized text greeting. Tip: If you’re going to do this, make sure you send personal greetings. Don’t do a one-shot email blast.
  5. Email a postcard greeting. I’ve seen companies do this really well. Pro: It’s a simple picture with a greeting on it, and this can be done as an email blast. Con: Spam filers and image filters.
  6. Email an interactive greeting. Pro: Interactivity is fun. Con: $ and these could get quarantined by a spam filter.
  7. Host a themed after-work at-work party. I went to a New Orleans-themed get-together a couple of years ago, and it was a blast! Pro: Memorable. Con: $ and time.
  8. Produce a [YouTube] video. Very memorable. Very current. Let them know by way of email, your website, your e-newsletter, your blog—or all four.
  9. Host a customer appreciation evening. I have a client that does this every year for 20-25 key clients. They choose a unique venue and treat their clients to a one-of-a-kind evening. Pro: Good will, face2face time. Con: $$ and time.
  10. Make a donation to a worthy cause. A company can never go wrong with this approach. If your customers are all local, you could consider a local cause like the Ottawa Food Bank. If your customers are international, you could consider an internationally-recognized cause like Nothing But Nets. Let them know by way of email, your e-newsletter, your website, your blog, your social accounts, etc.

The Extra Insight: Here’s a link to the article, Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business, by Social Media Today. You’ll get more interesting ideas here.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


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