An experienced marketing communications consultant’s approach to tactical marcom

An experienced marketing communications consultant’s approach to tactical marcom

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Do you have a marketing campaign, marketing project or marketing program that needs to be implemented? Need an extra set of experienced hands? Need a unique skill set? You’ll find that I am experienced, organized, and reliable. I also understand your desire to stay on top of the project, so I provide regular updates to assure you that the project is on target.

Irene Crosby’s tactical marketing communications experience includes the following and more:

If you have in-house specialists, I will collaborate with your team to define and tactically implement insightful marketing communications solutions that will target and connect with your customers. If you require additional expertise, I have established relationships with graphic designers, web designers, videographers, translators, and more.

The Extra Insight: Experience matters. If you’ve managed tactical projects in your past, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t an experienced marcom consultant can not only execute the project for you, the consultant can guide you through the planning phase, prepare a solid project-specific marketing calendar, and even provide reliable and organized project management services to ensure the project runs smoothly.


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