An experienced marketing communications consultant’s approach to project-specific calendars

An experienced marketing communications consultant’s approach to project-specific calendars

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If you’re familiar with my 12-month marketing calendar development service, you may be scratching your head and asking, “What’s the difference between a 12-month marketing calendar and a project-specific calendar?” Good question.

The 12-month marketing calendar is a high-level view of all components of the marketing strategy. The project-specific calendar takes each unique project and breaks down all of the marketing tactics and activities—it’s a detailed plan to execute the project.

Let’s take a specific event as an example. Say your organization is exhibiting at a tradeshow. I work with you to determine what all the tradeshow involves: do you need a booth, will you be pitching a presentation topic, will be meeting with customers and the media, will you be hosting customers at an appreciation evening or dinners, and more. Once the big picture is understood, I create a work-back schedule by the day. For example, if we need to start work on the event six months in advance, the project-specific calendar highlights specifically what is to be done during that six-month timeframe.

Experience is the foundation of developing tactical action plans. My experience includes building out project-specific calendars for the following projects and more:

The Extra Insight: When projects are organized, employees are organized. The manager is confident that the project is manageable and employees are confident they can execute in a timely manner.


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