An experienced marketing communications consultant’s approach to project management

An experienced marketing communications consultant’s approach to project management

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You may know about—or read about—the 12-month marketing calendars and project-specific calendars that I develop for marketing managers, marketing directors, VPs and CEOs. I also provide clients with reliable project management of these marketing calendars. What does that involve?

Because I have experience executing the many projects that I project-manage for clients, I have reliable insight into what it takes to achieve end success. Because I’m organized, I stay on top of every detail to make sure that every detail is being executed. Clients often ask me for opinions on what is to be executed. Clients often ask for copywriting assistance. Because I’m reliable, clients know that there will be no surprises.

My project-management experiences include the following tactics and more:

The Extra Insight: If you know me, you know that I’m comfortable badgering colleagues as needed to stay on schedule — seriously, but in a good way 😉


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