Marketing Communications Services

Irene Crosby, Accomplished Marketing Communications Consultant Located in Ottawa, Ontario

When you need marketing communications services, you need an experienced professional who gets the work done efficiently and without hand-holding. My name is Irene Crosby. In my capable hands, your marcom projects are adeptly managed, and you are kept up-to-date every step of the way.

Located in Ottawa, ON, I provide marketing communications services to clients who are located in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. I also provide marketing communications service to a few international clients, which means I have the pleasure of providing services to their colleagues located in United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Here are the marcom services that I provide.

Copywriting and Editing

Crafting copy that resonates with target audiences. More about copywriting services+

Strategic Marketing Communications
Developing insightful plans to target audiences, and achieve goals and budgets. More about strategic marketing communications services+

Tactical Marketing Communications
Executing tactics in an organized way that leverages an experience-based approach. More about tactical marketing communications services +

Event Planning
Planning an executing successful events. More about event planning services+

Website Planning, Copywriting, and Project Management
Drawing on insight and experience to deliver a practical presence (+ SEO + SMO) that addresses goals, audiences, and budget. More about website planning services+

Managed Brainstorming and Facilitation Services
Leveraging facilitation experience to help others develop their best plans and ideas. More about managed brainstorming and facilitation services+ 

I am always interested in working with new clients. My proven track record and 20 years of experience serve as shorthand to help a broad base of clients who have a diversity of business goals and target audiences.

I’d like to help you with your marketing communications requirements. Please call me or send me an email to arrange a meeting at your convenience.