About Target Insight marketing communications

If you're not already working with a trusted marketing communications consultant, you probably have questions about outsourcing:

  • Will the consultant know enough about my industry to implement the project?
  • How will I control the project in terms of timeline?
  • How will I control the project in terms of cost? 
I have 20+ years of experience that's transportable across industries, and I deliver more value than just the end deliverable. My goal is to ensure that you, and every one of my clients, are completely satisfied with the decision to engage me. To achieve this goal, I:

The bottom line is that an investment in my experience translates into an efficient solution for you and your business. You can return to me again and again for:

Check out Target Insight's valued clients, and then contact Irene Crosby. I look forward to working with you and your team!

Irene Crosby Photo

—Irene Crosby, Principal & Founder, Target Insight

Client Testimonial

I can’t tell you how much help it was for me to know that you were managing our inaugural roadshow—taking care of everything from setting the theme to coaching the sales team to managing the telemarketers. I’m pleased that 98% of participants stated that the presentations were worth their time, and that the ROI far exceeded our expectations. This reflects the incredible effort that you put into planning and executing the event. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

—Sue Koch, Vice President of Marketing, AutoSkill International Inc.